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We are a team of linguists that provide translation
and interpretation services to conferences, workshops,
events, seminars, and webinars.

About us

Kingdom Translation & Interpretation Services (KTIS) is an international translation and interpretation service provider based (and officially registered) in Kampala, Uganda. It is also registered in Khartoum, Sudan (in 2018) under the name of Kingdom Translation Bureau (KTB). This reputable language services provider is founded by Dr. Fatherrahaman Mohamed Yousif, the former chief of the translation and interpretation Unit of the UNITAMS’ Permanent Ceasefire Committee in El Fashir, North Darfur, Sudan. It was established with a vision to provide high-quality language services. It offers translation and interpretation from English to various languages including, but not limited to, standard Arabic, Sudanese Arabic, Juba Arabic, and other Sudanese and South Sudanese dialects. KTIS dedication to linguistic excellence makes it a reliable partner for diverse language needs of our valued customers. Kingdom Translation & Interpretation Services uses CAT tools to: improve consistency of translations, shorten delivery time, accelerate turnaround time, guarantee greater quality assurance capabilities, and reduce translation costs.

What we do

Kingdom Translation and Interpretation offers a range of professional interpretation and translation services designed to meet the diverse linguistic needs of clients worldwide. These services are essential for facilitating effective communication across different languages and cultural contexts, ensuring accuracy and clarity in various professional and personal settings.

Translation Services

Kingdom Translation and Interpretation offers professional translation services that consider cultural differences and meet the specific language requirements of different businesses, enabling seamless and precise communication worldwide.

Interpretation Services

We provide complete language interpretation services to facilitate clear and precise communication between different languages, covering a wide range of contexts, including international gatherings.

Proofreading Services

Our proofreading eliminates errors, improves readability, and maintains a polished appearance in your written content. By ensuring accuracy, consistency, and clarity, we elevate the quality and impact of your documents.

Our Translation Categories

Legal Translation

Involves translating legal documents such as contracts, court transcripts, patents, and statutes. This type of translation requires specialized knowledge of legal terminology and concepts in both the source and target languages to ensure precision and compliance with legal standards.

Medical Translation

Entails translating medical records, research papers, pharmaceutical instructions, and patient information. Medical translation demands expertise in medical terminology and a deep understanding of healthcare practices to ensure accuracy and patient safety.

Technical Translation

Focuses on translating technical manuals, user guides, engineering documents, and scientific papers. Technical translators must be proficient in the specific technical jargon and concepts related to the industry to maintain the integrity and usability of the translated material.

Financial Translation

Involves translating financial reports, bank statements, investment documents, and economic analyses. Financial translators need a thorough understanding of financial terminology and regulations to ensure clear and accurate financial communication.

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